ICSID 2017

ESIS Summer School

Dubrovnik, Croatia, August 14 - 18, 2017

John Landes

John Landes received his degrees at Lehigh University in Bethlehem where he studied with some of the pioneers in the field of fracture mechanics like George Irwin, Paul Paris and Bob Wei. He then joined Westinghouse Research Center in Pittsburgh, PA in a group working on fracture and fatigue topics for the power generation industry. There with colleague Jim Begley, he developed some of the basic ideas for nonlinear fracture mechanics such as using the J integral of Jim Rice as a fracture criterion. During that time he also worked on creep cracking parameters and statistical approaches to transition fracture. He also contributed to the writing of fracture test standards through ASTM and ISO. After 15 years at Westinghouse he became a professor at the University of Tennessee. There he continued his work on fracture mechanics often collaborating with Juan Donoso of UTFSM in Santiago Chile. Some of the new developments were related to fracture toughness test methods, including the use of normalization for crack growth measurement and common formats for redefining fracture parameters. After nearly 30 years at University of Tennessee he retired in 2014 but continues teaching at local community colleges.